The Galgorm Offers Superior Spa Breaks In Northern Ireland

Getting away from the stresses of daily life and renewing yourself mentally and physically can be a challenge.  Many advertised spa breaks in Northern Ireland don’t truly deliver on the relaxation they promise.  A spa break at the Galgorm Resort & Spa, however, will leave you with the refreshed feeling you truly crave.

Your relaxation begins from the moment you arrive.  Located 30 minutes outside of Belfast, the Galgorm Resort & Spa is nestled in its own private 163-acre parkland.  The sounds of the outside world are gone behind the gentle rustling of the wind in the trees and the sound of the water flowing softly down the River Maine.  While you can choose to connect with the outside world via our free secure wireless available in each of the luxurious guestrooms.

Arriving at the spa, you will find yourself in facilities that have been voted as second best in the world by Ok! Magazine’s Stars.  From the thermal baths to the body treatments, only the finest materials and arrangements are accepted.  The Galgorm Resort & Spa uses products by Aromatherapy Associates, Eve Lom, and Voya in its relaxation and wellness treatments, along with Jessica Nail Care in its beautification services.

Men and women are welcome for spa breaks in Northern Ireland’s leading spa hotel.  With nine executive private treatment rooms, your privacy is assured.  There is also the Crystal & Paris suites for couples treatments, which are not limited to special services but which encompass the full menu of spa offerings.  

These private facilities are combined with a relaxation area offering heated stone loungers overlooking the River Maine, a hydrotherapy area with water canon massage and Volcano air pads for your feet, a climate area with saunas and pools of various temperatures, and a unique outdoor hot tub and jacuzzi pool.  For additional relaxation, there is a Hamman Wet Room and a Mud Serail.

Blend all of these amenities with the country’s leading treatment specialists and the Galgorm becomes an easy choice for spa breaks in Northern Ireland.  Why cheat yourself of the ultimate in relaxation and soothing care?  The Galgorm Resort & Spa offers half day, full day, overnight, and weekend spa break packages.  The only real question is how much longer you will wait to treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience.

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