Coming Soon to the Spa at Galgorm….

Monday, 29 August 2011

We are delighted to announce that from the 5th September 2011, the Spa at Galgorm will be introducing a brand new product house to their repertoire, the fabulous VOYA.

Voya is a family owned Irish business which produces the world’s first range of certified organic seaweed products. The products combine the therapeutic properties of seaweed with the scientific excellence of the best scientists, biologists and dermatologists.

Why seaweed??

Well seaweed has many natural beauty benefits including; the ability to naturally soothe and moisturize; helping against signs of ageing; the ability to tone & stimulate skin; used in the care & repair of the skin and it has natural anti-cellulite properties, to name but a few!! What more could you ask for!

We will be introducing 16 new Voya treatments into the Spa and a range of retail products so you can continue your Spa experience at home!

For further information and to book one of these exclusive new treatments please contact the Spa on 02825 882 550 or email