Conferencing & Events

  • Rear Projection Screen and Projector
  • Wired and Wireless Internet access
  • 5.1 Cinema sound system
  • Lectern
  • VHS Tape Player
  • DVD Player
  • CD player
  • Satellite Receiver
  • Goose neck microphone
  • Handheld microphone
  • Tie clip microphone
  • IP / ISDN Video conferencing (By Request at Additional Charge)
  • Audio science microphone
  • Static Camera (Fixed on the main Lectern)
  • VGA input for laptop
  • 12" AMX Control Panel - For controlling inputs and lighting in the Auditorium
  • Sympodium Interactive Pen Display (Touch screen with digital pen for interactions with presentations)
  • 17" Confidence Monitor - A guide for the presenter for that they can see exactly what's being shown on the main screen without the need to turn around to look.
  • Desktop Visualiser - Powerful visualiser which enables the presenter to place objects or text under to be digitally displayed, with zoom functions

For further details and pricing please contact Jo on 028 2588 2561 or


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