Bioeffect Spa Products


We are delighted to introduce BIOEFFECT the Icelandic skincare pioneers as they launch a range of professional spa treatments specifically tailored to The Spa at Galgorm.

BIOEFFECT places three pillars at its heart. Science, purity, and efficacy

The ability to create epidermal growth factors (EGF) from green tissue in plants is unique. BIOEFFECT use barley grown in volcanic pumice, fed by Icelandic glacial water in a geothermal greenhouse making them much cleaner and more effective with their procedure to obtain a relatively high proportion of growth factors, delivering striking and real results. They stimulate cells to behave like they were in their youth. Thus, the growth factors influence the appearance and the surface of the skin; the skin becomes smooth, hydrated and firmer to the touch with a lustrous glow. The discovery of Nobel Prize-winning growth factors in 1986 triggered a revolution in rejuvenating cosmetics. BIOEFFECT is the future of scientific skin care.

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