Winter Beauty Regime with Aromatherapy Associates

Winter Beauty Regime with Aromatherapy Associates

16 November 2016

The changing of the seasons is the perfect excuse to shake-up your beauty regime. To help you on your way to year-round radiant skin, we have enlisted our Aromatherapy Associates Ambassador Oonagh to demystify those winter skincare woes 

With the winter months comes a change in the temperature and weather and so this change must have some impact on our everyday skincare and beauty regimes.  As it approaches the winter season it is time to start tweaking our routines in order to keep our skin looking radiant all year round! Just because the weather becomes dull and dreary, this needn’t be the case for our skin!

Maximise the Moisture

There are many ways to get ready for winter but my first step has always been to switch up my moisturiser which is usually the Rose Body Cream for a thicker, more nourishing product – the Enrich Body Butter.  Body butters are heavier and more emollient than lotions or creams. The enrich body butter contains Shea Butter which is ‘occlusive’ – this means that it coats the skin in order to create a barrier between the skin’s surface and outside elements.  This barrier not only seals in the moisture but it also protects the skin from harsh environmental damage – such as the often cold and blustery winter weather that we know all too well. 

Top Tip: If you would like to double the effects then give your skin an intensive treatment once a week by exfoliating firstly with our Enrich Body Scrub, following up by applying the Enrich Body Oil under the Enrich Body Butter. The body oil penetrates into the epidermis - creating a deeply nourishing treatment for the skin; this is then sealed with the luxurious body butter which locks all of the moisture in. 

Treat(ment) Yourself 

Winter affects everyone differently. Some of us love the long evenings, dark cosy nights and the crisp cold mornings.  However for some, especially with the increasing number of people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, it can be a long, dark and cold few months.  At the Spa at Galgorm we have the perfect treatment for every one regardless of how the Winter Season affects you – and this is our Aroma Journey treatment.  What makes this treatment totally bespoke is the consultation.  Prior to your treatment your therapist will carry out an in-depth consultation based on the symptoms you have ticked on your form – symptoms which range from “Need PM pick me up” to “Can’t switch off” to “Chest/Sinus Congestion”.  Together with your therapist you will then choose a signature oil blend best adapted to your emotional and physical needs. Aromatherapy Associates have 13 award-winning essential oil blends, each formulated with natural plant and flower oils, with powerful therapeutic benefits for body and mindOnce the oil is chosen you will experience carefully applied pressures which stimulate the nervous system and Swedish and neuromuscular techniques which will relieve muscular tension – leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged – just what you need during the winter season!

Why not check out our Spa Treatment Menu here for our full range of luxurious treatments & choose your ultimate winter reviver!

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