Meet Andrew - Castle Kitchen + Bar Head Chef

Meet Andrew

Profile Questions 

What is your Role in Castle Kitchen + Bar?

My current role at the Castle Kitchen & Bar is Head Chef.


What is an essential food item on your BBQ?

Can never have a proper BBQ without fried onions to top your burgers and hotdogs (and of course the meat).


How do you take your steak? 

My cooking temperature of a steak always depends on the cuts of meat, most cuts being cooked blue unless it was a ribeye which I’d opt for medium rare due to having to render down the fat content.


What are your favorite burger toppings? 

My favourite burger topping is a hard question as there are so many. Although I’m a sucker for caramelised onion and blue cheese on a burger.


What’s the strangest food you have ate? 

The strangest food I have ever ate that I can’t say I’d eat everyday would probably have to be Shark. It’s quite meaty but flavour is pretty mild and not all fishy which many would probably expect.


If you were an ice cream, what flavour would you be? 

This has to be the hardest question yet.  I think i’l have to go with Mint choc chip ice cream if I was to be any flavour as this is one of my favourite flavours.


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