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Meet Ryan


We met up with Ryan to find out a little bit more about his personal choice, words of advice and his passion for creating exquisite drinks!

Tell us about your career so far?
I left a previous job as an aeronautical engineer and joined the Galgorm Spa + Golf Resort as a part-time bartender in 2016. After learning how to pour a pint I found my passion. I then got promoted to supervisor then manager in Gillies bar within 2 years. This year I moved to the Gin Library as Gin Library Manager and have never looked back.

Proudest accomplishment behind the bar?
Getting told by the Uncle of an owner of the Dead Rabbit I made the best old fashioned he has ever had – don’t all test me at once!

What’s your favourite gin?
BCN. Previously I loved Nordes. This is similar but so different. The grape and apple flavours are like nothing else.

What’s your favourite gin cocktail?
French 75. When I first tried this, I didn’t like gin nor champagne, yet it contains both. Great for cleansing the palate and also very alcoholic.

What is your favourite perfect serve?
Bloom served with strawberry and black pepper. Not my favourite gin but I love watching how amazed people are with how the pepper brings out the flavour of the strawberry.

If bartenders had superpowers, yours would be? 
Convincing people to try something new.

The best piece of bartending advice you've ever received is?
There is always someone that knows more than you. Never stop learning.

One thing you tell others about bartending? 
You are either made for it, or you’re not.

If your bar shifts had a theme song it’d be? 
Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

What do you enjoy most about working at the Gin Bar at Galgorm?
How everyone is like a family and that there is never 2 days the same.


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