Meet Our Skin Expert

Nora Carmichael - Skin Expert

Describe a typical day

I like to arrive into work early to ensure I am fully set for the day ahead, I like to check my appointments as I may have some returning guests or perhaps a guest who has never been before and is new to the products, each guest has a thorough consultation and then we get to do the fun part of using the skin scanning machine, this is where we get an in-depth picture of the skin layers so that I can then tailor the treatment to get the very best results. A SkinCeuticals facial is very specific to the guest so after the treatment I will explain what the best products will be to get the results they need. This uses the 3-pillar concept of Prevent, Correct and Protect and is vey easy to follow. I usually look after 5-6 guests per day, because this treatment is completed in the Skin Clinic I am lucky to be able to speak to the guest more than usual and build a rapport with them, my day goes by very quickly and then it is time to restock my room and head home to my very busy daughter!

What was your first job?

My first job was in Nursing which if I am honest is similar to my role as in I get to look after people and it is important that you do have that caring side as guests do put their trust in you when having a treatment.

How long have you been in this role?

I have worked at Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort for the past two years, I first started completing treatments in our Group Treatment Suite then progressing to our treatment corridor. I was then chosen to train in Dublin with SkinCeuticals, I absolutely love the brand and how it works so to be the ambassador for the brand makes me very proud.

How did you begin your journey in the Beauty industry?

I started offering beauty treatments from home alongside my full-time job in health services. My job was very challenging working in mental health & challenging behaviours, after 10 years I felt it was time to take a break, Galgorm was the first business I entered in the beauty industry, I liked the idea of working in a relaxing environment and wellness was just what I needed.

Could you tell us a little more about your professional background – what fuelled your interest in the spa sector?

I think because I worked in the Mental Health service, I saw first-hand the results of stress and not taking that much needed time out! I loved looking after people and I felt this came naturally to me, hence the love of beauty and skin care drove me to complete my Therapy qualification. I much prefer Spa as opposed to a Salon environment as relaxation is important to skin health and a quick trip to a salon is very different to a relaxing day at The Spa at Galgorm.

Please describe your ideal spa

When the guest can relax and have everything under one roof, relaxing treatments, Thermal facilities indoor and out and of course a glass of bubbly if needed!

Why is it important to invest in good skincare at a young age- for example in your twenties?

As soon as you enter your twenties your skin gradually begins to slow its collagen production, collagen is what makes your skin appear supple. While there is nothing wrong with looking older, most of us want to grow old gracefully.

My best tips to maintain the health of your skin are…

- Never, ever go to bed with makeup on

- Use a good cleanser to remove your makeup

- Drink plenty of water morning to night

- Add an antioxidant serum to your daily routine

- Invest in a good face cream

- UV & SPF to be applied every morning

- Always sleep on a clean pillowcase

- Tanning beds are not recommended

What is your favourite part of the job?

When the guest can see the immediate results after the treatment, when a guest presents with a skin condition for example acne or pigmentation and they have a course of treatments you can see the difference each time they come back, it is also good that we can continue to check their skin using the Skin Scanner. I also enjoy looking after guests who are here to relax after an illness, or those who are currently going through treatment, to let them escape for a few hours makes it all worthwhile.

Proudest moment of your career to date?

When I passed my interview, I was so proud to say that I worked at Galgorm due to the reputation, it also means I push myself daily to be the best that I can be. It then encouraged me to complete a Platinum technician course which means I am even more informed when looking after a guest’s skin when they visit the Skin Clinic.

Do you have a favourite treatment?

The Taste of Galgorm treatment incorporates 5 mini treatments in 90 minutes, it is a great treatment for relaxation. What is one “secret” trick that helps you maintain that summer glow? Sorry, I am going to give you three!

- Regular Facials

- Always wear an SPF

- Water, Water and a bit more Water!

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