Our Hygiene Commitment

Our Hygiene Commitment

The Covid -19 pandemic which swept the globe saw us close our doors on the 20th March 2020. In compliance with government guidelines, and with the safety of our team members and guests as our utmost priority, there was little we could do except watch and wait, in the hope that our collective sacrifices and social distancing measures would be rewarded, and that we would be in a position to welcome everyone back to the Resort in the not too distant future.

As we have opened our doors once again, we do so in the knowledge that some things which we once deemed normal are no longer deemed so, and that in order to protect the health of our team members and guests, we must adapt and adjust as we move towards a safer New Normal together.

We are delighted to finally open our doors following the Covid-19 pandemic. We very much welcome the ease of restrictions, however some are still in place to ensure the health of our team members and guests remain our priority:

Prior to Arrival

To minimise as many high touch points as possible within all outlets of Galgorm Collection we have invested in a new app;

This app contains important information needed to navigate the Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort, including our Thermal Village map, the food and beverage menus for all our Dining Outlets (not only in the resort but also including Castle Kitchen, The Rabbit The Old Inn, Parisien and Fratelli Belfast), our room directory and much more. 

You will receieve a link to the app prior to arrival, and we ask that our guests download the app to make the most of the Galgorm Collection Experience. 

Enhanced Safety and Cleanliness in Public Areas

As we continue to fight the spread of the virus, our hand washing/sanitising practises and our social distancing etiquettes are of vital importance.

All our staff will be visible wearing face coverings whilst working in public areas. We would also ask that our visitors and guests wear face coverings indoors as per government advice, except when seated at a table in one of our food and beverage outlets. Disposable masks are available, on request from our reception areas.

A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic hand sanitisers are available for team member and guest use upon entry to the Collection sites. Hand sanitiser units are also available for your convenience in public areas. We also have Galgorm branded hand sanitiser for our guests' comfort and convenience as they navigate through their Galgorm journey.

The team have also increased the frequency of decontamination, sanitisation and air purification throughout the Collection, Airsteril decontamination units, Ozo Sanitiser/Ozone Compact machines and OKTO Air purification machines

Your Accommodation

Our Housekeepers are provided with the PPE needed to keep them safe as they service your accommodation. We have scrutinised their already immaculate cleaning standards and made the necessary adjustments to protect the health of our guests.

All high touch points within the accommodation will be thoroughly sanitised during each service.

Additional cleaning aids, such as colour coded microfibre cloths which help to combat cross contamination, and our continued partnership with Ecolab provides us with the peace of mind that the chemicals we clean with have been awarded their Statement of Efficacy Against Coronavirus.

We add the finishing touch to accommodation by using an Airsteril™ MP100 Decontamination Unit – the same as those used by health professionals to help control infections in hospital environments.

The Thermal Spa Village

A constant cleaning regime will be carried out in all areas of our Thermal Spa Village using Surface Sanitiser & Protectant on all high touch points.

An Ozo Sanitiser/Ozone™ Compact Machines will be used strategically during hours of closure, for further deep sanitation of all areas.

Should you wish to avail of a treatment during your stay, you can do so by pre-booking one of the bespoke treatments we have created with the help of our partners, Aromatherapy Associates. Our new treatment offerings will allow our therapists to continue to provide you with a relaxing experience in a safe environment.

In addition to this, In Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort, we have installed AS10 & AS30 Airsteril units in each of our treatment rooms. These provide a completely silent unit which uses unique thermal UV to control harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Behind the Scenes

Increased sanitation of food service areas will be coupled with an Ozone™ Compact Air Purifier which will be used during hours of closure, for further deep sanitation of all kitchens and Front of House areas within our restaurants.

We have implemented a traffic light emergency response plan to quickly identify and communicate with team members who are required to take action such as isolation or testing.

We also maintain regular and on-going contact with our Senior Environmental Health Officer, local council bodies and contact trace is also in place across the Collection.

Galgorm Collection has registered to participate in the Government Workplace testing Program. Participation in this programme is greatly encouraged, however, entirely voluntary for our team members. Tests should be carried out twice per week by staff and all results (positive, negative and void) should be recorded on the NHS portal.

Some benefits of workplace testing include:-

• Asymptomatic testing can help to protect staff.

• Helping to give confidence to those who continue to come into work.

• It will also provide additional assurance to customers who are interacting with our staff.

• Positive or negative test result within half an hour.

• The rollout of workforce testing can play a role in trying to help prevent closure in the event of an outbreak.

• Helps keep the chain of transmission down as more and more facilities begin to reopen.

• These devices help identify people who have the virus but do not have symptoms (1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 will not display any symptoms).

COVID Status Certification

COVID Status Certification, commonly known as the COVID Passport has been introduced in Northern Ireland from Monday 29th November with a two-week grace period, to be enforced from Monday 13th December.

To gain access to any of the properties within Galgorm Collection, guests will be required to provide proof of the following

• Double vaccinated – this can be via scanning the COVID Cert NI app or by viewing a guests vaccination card accompanied with relevant ID (passport/driving licence etc.)

• Negative Lateral Flow Test – certification via text or email, taken within the last 48 hours, accompanied with relevant ID.

• Previous Positive Result – valid notification of a Positive PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) within the last 30-180 days, accompanied with relevant ID.

• Medical Exemption – Official certification must be provided, accompanied with relevant ID.

• Clinical trial – confirmation in writing of being involved with clinical trial, accompanied with relevant ID

Guests who are under the age of 18 will be exempt from providing this information.

On-going Review

All above measures will be reviewed and enhancements or additions will be made where advised or required, in the best interests of our team members and guests.

Welcome Back

Our Hygiene Commitment is a fluid working document that is reviewed regularly and will continue to be updated and edited to provide all our customers with appropriate information.

The above steps have been created in line with government advice and that of our Health professionals, who have worked so tirelessly in the face of this pandemic. We ask that you consider the work they have done, and the sacrifices they have made, as we all work together to adhere to the guidance provided to us.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Resort in the near future, and we hope to see our courageous NHS frontline staff among the first of our guests, as they make use of the £750,000 worth of experience vouchers donated by Galgorm Collection in recognition of their hard work, bravery and commitment to helping patients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

1st December 2021

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