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Ultimate Quartz

Derived from the ancient Greek concept of psammo Therapy (hot sand therapy), natural alpha quartz sand envelops the body providing holistic warmth. A singing bowl is used on the body to create a range of sounds which helps harmonise body, mind, and soul. This is complemented by a hot poultice massage which helps dissolve tension, improves circulation and metabolism as well as stimulating the lymphatic and immune systems. Become cocooned in warm quartz stones as your journey begins.

Feel yourself relax deeper as vibrations from the singing bowl increase positive energy as it flows throughout your body. As you drift into a deeper state of relaxation, your body will be massaged using the muscle-melting hot quartz and poultices.

The final journey of your treatment will conclude with a facial cleanse and pressure point facial massage leaving you feeling rebalanced, revitalised and completely restored.

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