SkinCeuticals Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals is an advanced, professional skincare brand that provides results-driven, customised skincare with treatments for every skin concern.

SkinCeuticals was founded by a dermatologist (Dr Sheldon Pinnell) who had been working in research for over 30years. He was a pioneer in the creation of biologically active formulations proven to penetrate the skin and improve skin quality whilst healing skin concerns.

Why SkinCeuticals?

Your skincare specialist will create a bespoke skincare regimen to address your individual skin concerns and priorities - just for you.

Biologically active ingredients allow the products to work inside the cells of your skin to change how they work and improve the texture and radiance of your skin with a visible anti-aging result.

All products are scientifically proven to act efficiently on specific skin concerns. They are highly tolerable as well making them suitable for all skin types.

How are they different to cosmetic brands?

SkinCeuticals formulates efficient, scientifically proven products combining innovative actives from biotechnology with herbal extracts and antioxidants. SkinCeuticals products are formulated at a mildly acidic level that improves penetration and supports the skins own PH.

No fragrances or any aggressive additives are used in SkinCeuticals products. (You can literally feel and smell SkinCeuticals' unique, medical nature in every application.)

What results can I expect from my treatment?

Following in-depth skin consultation your therapist will choose products specific to your skin con-cerns to prevent damage, correct and protect your skin. Pure, potent actives are used to improve radiance and skin texture. If required Skinceuticals mild, cosmetic grade AHA peel, a power house of ingredients with Glycolic and Lactic acid may be used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells whilst increasing moisture levels and cell turnover.

Your skin specialist will customise the product range specifically for your skin concern to improve skin quality.

What can I expect during the treatment?

During the SkinCeuticals treatment, your skin might feel a bit tingly due to an increase of microcirculation. That's exactly what we want to achieve as it proves that all actives work synergistically with your skin's metabolism to help improve skin quality.

You will experience your SkinCeuticals treatment as your skin's individual, rejuvenating and awakening fitness program.

The treatment will be quite different from the usual Spa facial. Our Skin Clinic is a bright and airy room with a focus on your skin, your skincare expert will explain what she is doing throughout the treatment as well as your detailed homecare plan.

Medication and SkinCeuticals treatments

If you're having a medical treatment and/or using medication with potential photosensitive drugs, speak with your doctor about contraindications first.

If you're using prescription drugs such as Roaccutane, speak with your doctor first to exclude any risks or contraindications.

If you're using powerful, high-concentrated actives such as retinoids (retinol and all its derivates) or alpha- & beta hydroxy acids, please ensure to stop using them at least 1 day (retinoids 3 days) before or after the treatment.

Can I use The Thermal Village after SkinCeuticals treatments?

As SkinCeuticals uses biologically active ingredients to improve skin quality the skin's microcirculation can be increased (sometimes with visible redness).

The skin's metabolism is activated, and the use of hot treatment rooms and chlorinated pools and hot tubs can activate the skin's microcirculation even more and cause irritation. Wait for at least 24hours after treatment.

We recommend that you use the Thermal Spa Village prior to your SkinCeuticals treatment, just make sure you leave the hot areas 30minutes before your treatment.

What can I expect following the treatment?

After the Skinceuticals treatment you will experience a fresh, healthy and radiant looking skin with soft skin texture.

Do I need to prepare for my SkinCeuticals treatment?

If you're using powerful, high-concentrated actives such as retinoids (and all its derivates, i.e. retinol or vitamin E) or alpha- & beta-hydroxy acids, ensure to stop using them at least 1 day (retinoids 3 days) before the treatment.

Use mild exfoliants such as Blemish + Age Cleanser or Retexturing Activator 1-2 weeks in advance to help remove dead skin cells. This will increase the efficacy of the SkinCeuticals treatment as actives can easily penetrate skin to display their whole range of action.

If your skin is very dry with sore and/or flaky patches it's crucial to get your skin balanced first. Start using specific SkinCeuticals products such as Phyto Corrective, Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 or Epidermal Repair at least 2 weeks in advance before you're having the treatment.

The soothing, replenishing benefits will help skin's own repair mechanisms to get re-balanced again.

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