Weddings at Galgorm

The Morning Of

Somewhere in your wedding planning, take a moment, relax and visualise the morning of your wedding day. It's a sacred piece of time, a time for calmness, just before the flurry starts, just before you're swept off on this grand adventure of a day, that corner of time when you can take it all in.


Bridal Breakfast

Imagine celebrating the beginning of this momentous day in the calming surroundings of the Group Treatment Suite.

Indulge in a pampering treatment before you begin the cathartic ritual of beautifying, whilst enjoying breakfast & bubbles with your best buddies.


Grooms Breakfast

While your Bride-to-be is pampered and preened, take time with your groomsmen before donning your dapper suit. Kick-start the morning with a refreshing dip in the Spa before breakfast in Elements, with a little dutch courage from your Bloody Mary. 

Choose between the relaxation of a Riverside Tub or a leisurely 9-holes on the course, guaranteed to ease away any tension, complete with beers to share.

The Bridal Breakfast Includes

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