Bridal Beauty from The Experts | Part One #GalgormInspiration

Bridal Beauty from The Experts | Part One #GalgormInspiration

16 August 2016

Wedding season is in full flow at Galgorm Resort & Spa and in the latest of our Galgorm Inspiration series, we have enlisted the help of make up maestros Mo-Belle & Jennifer Ireland to instil their knowledge upon brides-to-be.

Every bride-to-be wishes to look her best on her wedding day, whether that’s in your go-to red lip and winged liner or your boho minimal maquillage, but there are many steps that can be taken before moisturising, priming and blending on the big day to ensure a flawless canvas. In part one of our Bridal Beauty Masterclass, we have invited Jennifer Ireland to steer us in the right direction when it comes to choosing your makeup artist and the all important bridal beauty prep.

With a Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design and a degree in Fine and Applied Arts, Jennifer possesses both the technical and creative flair that leaves brides content in the knowledge that they are in capable hands. 

That’s enough from us. It’s time to let the lady teach us a thing or two; Introducing the wonderful Jennifer Ireland…

“Makeup is so much more than fancy packaging and the latest products. For me, it’s about enhancing natural beauty and giving confidence to women. I love working with skin and creating beautiful looks that compliment rather than mask. Specialising in beauty and bridal looks, the vast majority of my work is wedding and I absolutely love it! With a background in Art and Design, working with colour, texture and shape really excites me, and seeing a client smile when they are handed the mirror just makes my day. I’m based in Ballycarry, Co.Antrim but travel all over Ireland.

Perfecting the canvas

With bridal makeup, I believe less is more. It’s a myth that makeup has to be caked on to make it last, or in bold colours to stand out on camera. Most photographers work with the natural light meaning lots of blending and soft textures are a must. Light layers of the correct moisturiser and primer will ensure a long-lasting makeup, and higher end products with built in skin care will keep your makeup looking as fresh at 10pm as it did at 10am. 

Get into a skin care regime as soon as possible. It’s not necessary to book a series of expensive monthly facials; they are a lovely treat, but your skin will be transformed with a daily routine of cleansing and moisturising. Buy products suitable to your skin type, then add a treatment in once or twice a week to target any main concerns, e.g. a hydrating mask for dryness, or a clarifying clay mask for breakouts. 

Selecting your team

When booking your make-up artist look through their portfolio of previous work, both on models and real brides. Yes there are budgets to stick to, but it’s important to book with someone that has a similar taste in style.

Book your trial for around 4-6 weeks before the Big Day. Any earlier than that is too soon as your skin changes throughout the year, and you will have a good idea of your overall style much nearer the time. Plus, it keeps it fresh in the mind of your makeup artist if done just a couple of weeks before!

Banish the stress

Lastly, book with a makeup artist (and hair stylist!) that will travel out to you on the morning of the wedding. Keeping arrangements as simple as possible is the key to a relaxed wedding morning, especially if you are having two or more bridesmaids. Pop a bottle of champagne, eat a good breakfast and get some fun girly music on. The morning prep is quite a large chunk of your wedding day so ENJOY!”

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