The BioEffect, Effect | Tried & Tested

The BioEffect, Effect | Tried & Tested

13 July 2017

I’ve admittedly lost count of the number of times baristas have cited my ‘usual’, colleagues correctly guessing my lunch order in advance. Yes, it would appear I am the dictionary definition of a creature of habit, and the same can be said for my skincare regime. Fearful of change in every facet, I have employed a routine that I feel works pretty well for me - streamlined is how I’d like to describe it (there may well be an element of lazy-girl in there somewhere, but we’ll stick with streamlined). It hasn’t always been this way.

Having navigated the choppy waters that are our formative teenage dreams, relatively unscathed, figuratively and literally speaking, I entered my twenties feeling rather chuffed that I hadn’t been troubled by the vice of acne, merely dealing with the odd spot on my chin as and when it arose, quite literally - we’re all human after all! Unfortunately for me, I must have been a late bloomer, as it quickly became apparent I wasn’t missing out on this perturbing right of passage. I found my complexion riddled with spots and bumps, made particularly apparent in part due to my paler-than-pale appearance amplifying their visibility. 

My complexion vital signs

Let’s start this off by addressing my complexion in it’s purest form. It’s pale - very, very pale and that comes part in parcel with the title of ginger. Combination skin is how I have chosen to self-diagnose; oily in the t-zone and fairly average elsewhere. With the nature of this ‘type’ come visible pores and so to appear blemishes and their area of preference tend to be around my chin and cheekbones. I’m not sure who I have to thank for this one as my mother exudes youthful skin despite her cult-like allegiance to Estee Lauder Double Wear. One thing was for sure, it was time to take matters into my own hands. 

Female twenty-something seeks skin overhaul 

Having trialed and tested products here and there and studying until I was versed in the work of Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons, I’ve come to learn what my skin craves. The Body Shop’s camomile cleansing butter is just that, buttery in texture and with the calming scent of camomile, it’s been my fail safe arsenal for melting away heavy duty war paint for years and assists in ridding my skin of any build up without the tight, stripping feeling. Followed up with a twice weekly dose of glycolic acid in the form of Nip + Fab cleansing pads and my skin is kept in a state of adequacy. Sometimes though, we all crave a little spruce up. Enter Galgorm Resort & Spa’s BioEffect facial. 

BioEffect is a brand I had ashamedly heard nothing about prior to it’s arrival to the Irish market. Native to the country that brought you the awe-inducing Northern Lights and boasting results-driven products you say? You have my attention! Garnering a cult following, BioEffect is renowned first and foremost for their EGF serum. Epidermal Growth Factor, if you aren’t familiar, is the show-stopping, anti-ageing ingredient that promises this serum will restore and rejuvenate the skin, delivering dramatic results. Now, while anti-ageing isn’t of highest priority to me, prevention can only be a good thing, no?

Without further ado, let’s get into the treatment at hand. Having completed my pre-treatment questionnaire, I was introduced to Kioni who would be my therapist, and what a gem she was! Kioni talked me through the whole treatment, what it would entail and what my preferences were, all of which to ensure a truly relaxing, personalised experience I imagine. As per my pre-treatment questionnaire, the treatment began with a one-way ticket to contentment having taken three deep aromatherapy-laden breaths. I found the next step particularly intriguing. Crystals were placed in the palm of my hands and enveloped with a glove (predominantly as a precaution, should I happen to drift off mid-treatment). En-route to tranquility, Kioni continued with a nourishing cleanse to remove any residual makeup, followed by a volcanic exfoliation. Although not everyone’s cup of tea I adore mechanical exfoliants; the gritty kind where you can feel it getting to work removing the dead skin cells - there is something about the instant gratification of smoother skin. 

Having thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, my skin was in prime condition to reap the benefits of the impending Hydra Intensive Mask, complete with cooling crystal eye compress. The facial then concluded with a liberal application of BioEffect’s hero EGF Day Serum.  

What surprised me the most following my facial was the lack of redness I have found to be synonymous with a treatment that involves any degree of exfoliation. Upon close inspection of my skin after arriving home, I was pleased to find the pores around my nose appeared smaller and there was a definite glow about my complexion. While there is no denying the immediate gratification of a facial is a winner, I was keen to monitor how my skin would react in the days following. Much to my amazement, my skin didn’t break out in the slightest, rather it appeared toned, emitting a glowing complexion akin to that achieved from my beloved Benefit Watts Up highlighter. 

Would I recommend? Absolutely. For those seeking immediate results to remedy a skin SOS, BioEffect has nailed it. For its long-term line-lessoning powers? Unfortunately, I can’t comment. However, if the instant results derived from BioEffect’s EGF serum are anything to go by, I suspect this will become a regular occurrence. 

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