Bridal Beauty from The Experts | Part Two #GalgormInspiration

Bridal Beauty from The Experts | Part Two #GalgormInspiration

17 August 2016

Wedding season is in full flow at Galgorm Resort & Spa and in the latest of our Galgorm Inspiration series, we have enlisted the help of make up maestros Mo-Belle & Jennifer Ireland to instil their knowledge upon brides-to-be.

In a world of contour, strobing and baking (not the Mary Berry kind), cremes, powders and liquids, it’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to portraying the best version of yourself on your Wedding day. In the second of a two part Bridal Beauty Masterclass, MoBelle gives us the low down on the products you will find in her beauty arsenal.

Mairin, or MoBelle Makeup as she is more affectionately known, is a make up artist based outside Dungannon. Specialising in occasion and bridal makeup, Mairin began her career just a few years ago studying at the Oonagh Boman school of Makeup, before landing her dream job working for MAC Cosmetics. Having recently made the decision to go freelance, her vast array of experience with Oonagh’s Belfast Fashion Week team as well as her career with MAC, it’s safe to say MoBelle knows a thing or two when it comes to cosmetics.

Grab a cup of tea and let’s get down to business; it’s over to you Mairin…

“My first big tip is skincare! Makeup will always be my first love, but as any good artist knows you are only as good as your canvas. So brides, if you want to look flawless and radiant, it will always start with skincare, months prior to the application on the big day. 

A good place to begin is to understand your skin type as this will help with choosing skincare as well as makeup. Take a good look at your skin without makeup and then throughout the day once you have applied product. Do you get oily throughout the day? If so, which areas? Or perhaps your skin feels rough to the touch? Does it feel tight and dry as the day goes on? You may have dry or dehydrated skin. You may have a combination of a few of these skin traits, but knowing how your skin works is extremely useful when it comes to discussing products with your makeup artist. 

The right products to suit your skin is the main way to ensure they stay on and look beautiful throughout the day and can also help the artist plan and layer a look that will work with your skin. 

Bridal Beauty Arsenal 

Hydrating Boost

One of my favourite moisturisers to use is MAC Strobe Cream. It’s a gorgeously radiant and highly hydrating cream that looks beautiful under makeup. Although in principle this should only be used for dry skin, it can still be used on oily skin if applied with a light hand, avoiding particularly oily areas. I use this on myself most days and I’m super oily!

Primed & Ready

You may skip this step in day-to-day makeup but for occasions I always recommend a primer. Used over moisturiser but under foundation, this is the luxurious middle layer of the makeup sandwich. I love Stila One Step Correct as a lovely all rounder. It’s suitable for all skin types and it’s combination of colour correcting pigments, silky feeling and longevity means it’s a winner for bridal makeup. 

Fix In Place

MAC Fix Plus is probably my all time favourite product! It’s a magical concoction of vitamins, minerals and tonnes of hydrating ingredients. It can be used on bare skin to boost hydration before makeup, and also used throughout the day to wonderfully refresh your makeup. Does your makeup ever go dry or patchy as the day goes on? Or do you ever use too much powder, feeling a bit heavy? This is the product for you! Lightly spray all over the face and your makeup will be transformed.”

Choosing Your Makeup Artist

Themes & Schemes

When going for your trial spend some time thinking about how you want to look and feel? Are you going dramatic/traditional/vintage/boho? Think 'themes and schemes'

Tried & Tested

When choosing your makeup artist, they are going to be spending a large chunk of your wedding morning with you and your family, so it's important to choose someone you will get along with and feel completely comfortable. You may want someone who will be fun and lively, or someone who is a calming influence. I know I have been both for past brides (from fixing unruly hair fastenators to pouring champagne, I know first hand an artist is much more than just the girl applying makeup). So get to know her/him in your trial and build a rapport. If they can make you feel as good as you look, that's when you know you're onto a winner!

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