Galgorm Skin Clinic Announces New Partnership with IMAGE Skincare

Galgorm Skin Clinic Announces New Partnership with IMAGE Skincare

11 September 2020

Galgorm Skin Clinic, located within the award-winning Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort, has announced an exciting new partnership with IMAGE Skincare offering guests an extensive range of new, premier skincare products and a brand new bespoke, customised facial for a glowing and radiant complexion.

IMAGE Skincare is a professional, clinical brand which prioritises science over fads and results over trends. Their mission is to enable healthy, glowing skin so that women can face every stage of their vibrant, colourful life with confidence and courage. Available in over 52 countries worldwide, IMAGE represents a multinational, multicultural approach to skin health that is represented by every skin tone and skin type.

Selected for its synergy with Galgorm Skin Clinic’s ethos to maximise skin potential with treatments suited specifically to individual skin types, the new product range and treatment offering will guide clinic customers through their journey to improving the health of their skin.

Founder of IMAGE Skincare, Dr Marc Ronert M.D. PHD commented on the unique success of the brand and the ideology behind it:

“I've made it my life's passion to research and refine the latest skincare trends and technologies. As a plastic surgeon, I've always been interested in scientific ways to decelerate or reverse the aging process. As a scientist, I have a unique perspective on what drives demand and innovation in the industry.”

Tara Moore, Head of Spa Operations at Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort said:

“We are proud to partner with IMAGE Skincare, one of the biggest skincare brands in the world and expand upon our comprehensive range of advanced, premier skincare products and treatments.

We are immensely looking forward to developing a long-lasting relationship with IMAGE Skincare so we can offer our guests the best and most effective skincare treatments in Northern Ireland.

At Galgorm Skin Clinic, we are continually enhancing our offering and with IMAGE on board as a new skincare partner, we’re thrilled to launch the first IMAGE Tailored Facial, leading onto further treatments coming soon”.

Launch of the IMAGE Tailored Facial.

To celebrate the start of this exciting new partnership guests can experience the IMAGE Tailored Facial, available from 1st September, for beautiful, healthy skin.

This 60 min clinical results-driven facial is designed to give guests beautifully lifted, firmer and deep cleansed skin. The treatment starts with a skin consultation with one of Galgorm Skin Clinic’s professional experts and uses a blend of powerful antioxidant protection, nutrition, enzymes and stem cells all combined to provide immediate, noticeable differences.

Ideal as a quick fix pre-event facial, or a boosting treatment to kick start your skin’s health journey, this eight-step facial will allow skincare aficionados to relax and unwind whilst the clinically developed formula deeply penetrates each layer to leave skin radiant and rejuvenated.

The eight steps involved in the Tailored Facial are:

1. Cleanse - This step is a vital part of the skincare routine it not only removes makeup but removes impurities, dirt and bacteria leaving skin ready for exfoliation.

2. Exfoliate - Removes dead and dull skin cells which resurface and brighten the complexion promoting a more youthful appearance.

3. Massage - Stimulates the blood flow to the area bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the cells, promoting a healthier glow from within. A massage is a workout for the muscles of the face helping to lift and contour the face.

4. Mask – IMAGE has a fantastic array of masks for all skin concerns and conditions this step is where the skin has time to absorb and receive the benefit from the powerful ingredients.

5. Serum – The serum targets the deeper layers of the skin impacting collagen and elastin promoting firmer deeply hydrated skin.

6. Eye Cream - This product from IMAGE is specifically desig

ned for the delicate skin of the eyes, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Moisturise - It is important for every skin type to replenish any lost moisture in the skin. This is the product that is going to keep any previous product in the skin and protects the skin from environmental factors.

8. Lip Balm – Adds moisture to the lips and keeps them from going dry and cracking.

The Tailored Facial is complemented by daily IMAGE Skincare products to enhance and maintain the outstanding results at home, available to purchase at Galgorm Skin Clinic. Treatment prices start from £95 per person.

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