How To Prepare Your Skin For Self-Tanning This Summer

How To Prepare Your Skin For Self-Tanning This Summer

17 May 2021

Skin Expert Zoe shares her advice and top tips on achieving a flawless tan each and every time. 

Despite how it may look outside your window, Summer is well and truly on its way and 2021 is set to be the year of the staycation. While sun-soaked holidays to far flung locations seem a distant dream, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving that enviable golden glow with the help of self-tanning products.

Whether you’re new to the world of tanning and like your skin to look sun kissed or you believe no outfit is complete without a bronzed goddess appearance, the safest and quickest way to get that Marbella glow is to apply self-tan.

No matter the formulation or the brand, the magic is all in the prep and application. While it’s tempting to opt for a quick self-tanning fix and a slap-dash approach to application, there are tips and tricks to ensure a flawless result every time, leaving your admirers wondering when you touched down from your holiday.

Prep Your Skin

24 hours prior to tanning, exfoliate your body and pay particular attention to those drier areas such as elbows, hands and feet. Using a manual body scrub or body brush will help to buff away any dry, dead skin cells leaving a smooth base for tan application. Moisture is key which is why I recommend you lather body moisturiser on after the exfoliation to keep the skin nourished. It is this step that will ensure an even, natural looking tan. When it is time to tan, make sure you have washed off any deodorants or perfumes, as the skin needs to be fully clean. Forgetting this stage can often result in patchy tan. Again, after tanning avoid spraying deodorant or perfume. If you must have a scent on you, spray your pajamas or hair. If your preference is for a deeper tan, my tip is to apply your tan before bed and shower off the following morning.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

A step that cannot be skipped is moisturizer. Once you have showered the tan off, daily moisturizing will keep your skin hydrated and nourished, avoiding a patchy wear off. For lasting results, avoid soaking in the bath, take showers instead, this will prolong the glow.

Top Tips For Tricky Areas:

• Once you have applied the tan on your hands and feet, I recommend applying a pump of your body moisturizer to the areas and massaging thoroughly. This will help to avoid those dreaded “orange hands”.

• This technique will also work well on knees and underarms.

Mousse or Lotion?

Any self-confessed tan aficionado will have their opinion on whether you should opt for a mousse or lotion formulation and most tanning brands will offer a range of formulations for you to choose from. Mousse is extremely fast drying and tends to be the easiest to apply. For this reason, I recommend a mousse for beginners, or those with oily or normal skin types. Lotions are super nourishing and therefore perfect for dry, sensitive and aging skins.

SPF, Everyday.

Don’t be fooled by the glow, it’s important to remember that fake tan does not provide a barrier to the sun’s rays so it’s important to always incorporate sun protection. New to SPF? Check out our blog post where Zoe answers all your SPF questions here.

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