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The Morning Of | Jayne Harkness' Top Tips

Jayne Harkness Photography | Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort


The day you have dreamt of vividly has finally arrived!


You want to savour every moment, every burst of butterflies & the well wishes from friends and family, but timing is key! With so many elements to consider, we have enlisted Wedding Photographer Jayne Harkness to bestow her pearls of wisdom on how to remain organised on the morning of your wedding. 


Plan timings with the hairdresser, MUA and Photographer, so they all know what time you will be ready, leaving extra time for those precious photos!

This is the most important thing for the smooth running of your entire day, making sure that you are ready early cuts down on panic, and makes the whole morning much more relaxed, and also doesn't have a domino effect of making everything run late for the rest of the day. Personally, I love having the time to get some nice bridal portraiture at this stage in the morning, your hair and makeup are fresh and perfect; its a lovely chance to get some nice photos with the bride tribe and family who may be around. Make sure to factor in time for this as you don't get these precious moments back!


Lay out all your lovely bridal things the day before

One thing is for sure - with a handful of bridesmaids, family and an entire bridal outfit, there are a lot of clothes, undies, jewellery shoes etc its easy to misplace things in the muddle. Definitely set things out in piles, some people use little bags or boxes labeled with each persons name, this makes it easy for everyone in the morning.    


Decide in advance which room to get ready in, think of light and space

If you're getting ready at home look at the sunniest room with the most space. If you're getting ready in the hotel ask which rooms are largest and brightest… 


Get rid of labels off shoes and tags off jewellery and dresses the day before. Time-saving is the key!

It's important to hang your dress on the ribbon loops, and then cut them off just as you're about to get dressed, (I stole this advice from the lovely Marie from Castle Couture bridal), as apparently, if you hang a dress by only its shoulders the weight of the dress can stretch the shoulders, altering the fit on you, which might mean that the neckline won’t sit as it did when fitted, which wouldn't look as nice in your photos!


Pretty it up

Matching hangers; even a set of plain white wooden ones or plain wire ones with a luggage tag on each with the names written on. Pinterest is the go-to for a billion ideas to fit your style and you really don't need to spend a fortune to make these little details striking. If you're leaving from home think of the front door, a lick of nice shiny paint or a couple of flower pots make a lovely difference….


The necessities 

Have a bag of tricks packed and ready for your bridesmaids or wedding planner to take to stash somewhere at the ceremony venue, think tissues, wipes, lippy, flat shoes, water, hairspray. If your shoes are totally gorgeous but not in the least comfy, just bring a pair of flats to do the walking around for photos and then it'll save your feet for showing off the gorgeous shoes for your first dance!


Photography courtesy of Jayne Harkness Photography

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