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Meet Drew- Fitness and Wellbeing Instructor

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I have been working all over Belfast and as far out as Bangor for the past few years in a handful of commercial gyms and Personal Training out of a private own gym near Malone Road as well as still coaching Queens Rugby Girls and Queens Olympic weightlifting team.


I have other work-related experiences across America & Canada during the Summer/Autumn as a swimming coach & outdoor adventure specialist, with having the responsibility for running the staff fitness schedule and the Active Youth programme.


My Personal Training areas would be Strength and Conditioning with nutrition advise/coaching. My own training is focused on Powerlifting & Olympic lifting, competing for Northern Ireland 4 times over the past 2 years, invited to compete in the All Irelands & 4 Nations to represent Northern Ireland.

Outside hobbies would be looking after my 4 Labradors with plenty of walks outside like Cavehill, Seapark & plenty of other adventures.


Where did your interest in fitness stem from?

At school not being much into my sports, a fitness coach wrote me up a basic training program and it slowly built from there.


Anyone in the fitness industry motivating you?

A few members of staff that I have worked with in Belfast over the years that have motivated on to learn more and do better but no one that would be famous or be well known. Other than that there are a few people that interest me on Instagram.


Ultimate cheat meal?

To be honest I've never seen meals or food as 'cheats or sin' as people have branded them to be, as it puts a negative outlook on food. With more of an understanding of the qualities of food that you're eating it’s a lot easier to monitor and enjoy. Such things as tracking your calories and macro-nutrients will give people a better understanding of what they're eating.


Post-workout snack?

After workouts I usually have a protein shake as it easy, convenient and usually in my gym bag. Although my favourite meal after a workout would be a chicken & chilli chorizo with mixed veg.


Favourite fitness accessory?

Squat Rack & Barbell.


Advice to motivate yourself for an early morning workout?

Get the coffee into you and get it done.


Favourite form of workout?

Move properly, get strong & then personalize your goals.


Tips for someone on a get-fit mission?

Make things easy before you increase the intensity.


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