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Workplace Wellness | How To Incorporate It Into Your Next Event


As we approach World Wellness Weekend this September, Leigh Heggarty Business Development Manager at Galgorm Collection discusses her take on the importance of incorporating wellness into your next event.


Wellness isn’t just the latest buzz word or workplace initiative, it’s a lifestyle choice.

More than green juices or journaling, wellness is big business and a key focus for businesses aiming to engage and energise their teams. However, often we could be considered foolish for believing in the power of employee wellbeing in motivating staff, making them feel appreciated and willing to go that extra mile. But it is exactly this which is so often overlooked when there are one hundred and one other tasks vying for our attention when it comes to running a successful business. Unfortunately, the way in which many companies relate to corporate wellness is simply a box ticking exercise. That is often the sad reality.

In an age where working hours are longer and we are perpetually connected with the assistance of our greatest friend and enemy, our phones; often some well-deserved down-time can fall to the wayside. More often than not it’s the high-flying executives and CEO’s, who often struggle to find the time to unplug themselves from their hectic work schedules.

When it comes to work, while conferences and work retreats offers great opportunities to network, share expertise and gain more from leaders in the field, they can also be a pressurised environments and not best suited to all employees. Conditions like depression and social anxiety can make a busy setting, filled with new faces and noise a real challenge for some people. Even if mental health has never been an issue, a long awaited or important work event can be overwhelming.

Incorporating practices and initiatives into our personal and professional lives that prioritise wellbeing is imperative in cultivating a balanced lifestyle, helping us thrive in all aspects of life. Understanding the pressures that can be affecting your team and recompensing employees for their dedication is an effective means of increasing staff morale and performance. This need not be challenging. Establishing workplace wellness initiatives in your organization is just one way to achieve this.

Wellbeing activities be it in the office or at a conference aren’t just a nice-to have. Not when workplace wellbeing is a concern for every industry. It is astounding the volume of working days that are lost in the UK every year due to stress, depression and anxiety and many leading companies are now making employee wellness and engagement a priority. It’s no secret that when a company has a mental health focused culture, they’ll be more engaged, productive, innovative, creative and loyal. Who wouldn’t want that!

Wellness initiatives at events can improve your attendees’ mood, making them happier and more open to new ideas and experiences. Of course, these ideas aren’t just for your events and attendees. You can also use them for your next team get-together to boost their morale, improve team-bonding, and help them unwind after a hectic event. After all, your event is only as good as your team.

Incorporating wellness into your conference doesn’t mean daily group meditation sessions, or eating your body weight in granola, it’s just small steps to help improve the work environment. It could be something as simple as taking some activities outdoors or moving dinner outside.

At Galgorm Resort we introduced the opportunity to create a Mindful Meeting for your delegates. Mindful Meetings promote the wellbeing of your colleagues, allowing them the ability to fully engage and learn from your event by incorporating a selection of experiences from Movement Breakout Sessions and Mindful breathing techniques to calm the mind & body to hot towels infused with oils designed to energise during breaks. This followed by a bespoke Spa Programme for some of our recent Incentive Groups has received such positive feedback.

Galgorm is an ideal setting to reenergise and embark on your workplace wellbeing journey, boasting an idyllic, tranquil setting with unique 6 acre Thermal Spa Village, the first of its kind in Ireland. Idyllically located on the banks of the River Maine, you and your team can immerse yourselves in nature and experience pure relaxation with an extensive selection of riverside hot tubs, indoor and outdoor heated pools, steam rooms and saunas.

Galgorm Resort’s emphasis on relaxation and escape from daily pressures align with the importance of work-life balance. Employees who feel their organization values their personal lives are more likely to be satisfied and perform better at work.

While a Spa Experience may not necessarily spark excitement amongst all your employees, there is so much more they an avail of. Encourage your delegates to reconnect with nature with a guided forage through the grounds of the Resort, with a food, drink or spa Foraging Experience or participate in a private Falconry experience on the Estate with a close and personal encounter with some of natures most beautiful birds of prey. There really is something to suit everyone.

Workplace wellbeing is no longer an optional consideration for organisations; it’s a critical factor that affects productivity, employee satisfaction and the bottom line. The link to Galgorm underscores the tangible benefits of prioritizing wellbeing in the workplace. By embracing a holistic approach to employee health, organisations can not only thrive but also contribute to the overall wellbeing of their employees, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Galgorm Resort can design a corporate wellness package that is tailored specifically to the individual requirements of your team be it a conference, an incentive programme or an Exec Retreat.

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