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Finding a Great Wedding Photographer- Steven Hanna

Wedding Photography

With a wealth of experience as a Wedding and Landscape photographer, Steven Hanna insights some of his knowledge about how to decide on what wedding photographer will suit you. 


If you’re a bride and groom who value photography, then choosing your wedding photographer can seem like quite a scary experience.  There are so many photographers out there with such varying styles, so how do you go about booking the right one for you?

Here are some tips that I hope will help…

1. Be comfortable with your photographer

Make sure you like the photographer as a person and that you get on well with him / her.  Believe it or not, you spend most of your wedding day with the photographer so it’s important that you get on!  Your photographer should also make you feel relaxed and at ease, otherwise it’s going to be a loooong day!



 2. Know their style 

At the consultation / booking stage, I show my clients a selection of finished albums, but I always emphasise that at this early stage, it’s more about the style of photography than the actual album itself. Every photographer shoots slightly differently so it’s vitally important that you really connect with the images that you are seeing.

3. Browse their work

It’s always good to see full weddings and not just the photographer’s ‘Top 50 Images’.  Being able to see a full wedding will help give you an idea of how the story of your wedding day will be told.  All the sample albums I show clients are real weddings!




4. View the finished product

This may sound like a contradiction to point 2 but being able to see a ‘finished’ product (i.e. wedding album) will give you a feel for the quality of product you will be receiving.  Viewing images on Facebook is great initially but it’s good to see the finished product.  Believe me, not all wedding albums are created equally!


5. Read the small print 

Make sure you know exactly what is included in the photographer’s collections.  What length of coverage are you going to be getting?  Do you get the High Res images included or are they extra?  Are there any additional charges for travel?



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