Meet Karen

What was your first job? 

My first job was at Galgorm. I did silver service and helped set up weddings. When I first started there were only two wedding reception suites and no spa!

What inspired you to get into the hospitality industry?

My auntie Linda. She worked at Galgorm and still does! She is currently Set-up manager and I remember her telling me that hospitality is the best place to start and having listened to her advice I completely agree. Hospitality is the best start for any young person, it provides so many opportunities to build your confidence and people skills, which are invaluable as you move through your career. It provides a solid foundation for a good employee, developing skills that you will take to any career even if you do not stay in hospitality. I also think that when you look back over your hardest days in hospitality, they are also some of your best days! Every day is a school day and ultimately you can achieve so much, and it gives you such a buzz of satisfaction. I have made many memories that I will cherish for days to come.

How long have you been with Galgorm Collection? 

I have recently celebrated 20 years at Galgorm Collection. From silver service to a wedding planner and now the wedding sales manager, time has flown, and I can’t believe it has been 20 years. I have been in my current position 5 ½ years and I love this role because I have been able to use my knowledge and skills gained over the years with The Collection to support the wedding team.  I am so proud of Galgorm Collection and its development, and I appreciate the people within The Collection so much as it has got me to where I am today.

How would you describe yourself to someone who’d never met you?

Outgoing, confident, independent, funny, caring and if anyone needs advice, I am the one to go to.  

Which venue within Galgorm is your favourite? 

The Great Hall, where my Galgorm journey started. I walk in there to my favourite memories, and I have seen it develop greatly over the years. I have planned and attended special weddings, occasions and functions in the Great Hall and still after all of that it gives me the same goosebumps I got on day one. 

What is your favourite part of your job as Weddings Sales Manager?

The Galgorm team - I truly have gained a family in the collection. I grew up here! 

Who do you look up to/who inspires you?

Reese Witherspoon, she has had a massive impact on the filming industry from a women’s perspective, spreads an incredible message for young women, proving that their work is just as valid as men’s, and she also inspires women to constantly strive for more. I also love the message she sends over Instagram and her book club!

What website or app could you not do without?

I could not live without my kindle, I am a huge reader, it grounds me and allows me to shut off for a while.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have done a lot of fundraising events for the Simon Community including abseiling and the big sleep out.  

What’s your greatest passion outside work and family?

I love nothing more than cosying up in my own home with a glass of wine and a book after doing a bit of DIY home interiors. I learnt to hang wallpaper during lockdown which is not an easy task! 

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