Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Requiring thoughtful consideration and trend analysis, the Pantone Color of the Year has influenced many trends for over 20 years and this year, once again we can see this come to light in the world of weddings as the title has been awarded to “Classic Blue 19-4052”.

Soothing and dulcet, not too dark, not to bright, classic blue can add elegance and simplicity to any wedding theme. Said to bring a “sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit” classic blue fits right in with major trends we predict in 2020 such as coloured linen, unique wedding suits and alternative flower arrangements.

We’re seeing more and more couples forgoing the pale pastel tones and instead embracing bold aesthetic colours in their wedding colour palette. Described by Pantone themselves as having a reflective blue tone that offers stability and clarity for an anchoring foundation. Not far from the infinite evening sky shades we look out on, classic blue encourages us to look past what is obviously there, think beyond our usual thoughts and go deeper to increase our awareness, gain perspective and be open to communication. So, when it is put like that who wouldn’t want to have this easy relatable colour present on their wedding day? Especially if it will set a peaceful tone throughout. Afterall, we all remember how at peace Carrie Bradshaw was when she stepped into her classic blue Manalo Blahnik’s right?

When it comes to incorporating this tone into your wedding the possibilities are endless, whether it’s a winter wonderland or a summer spectacular classic blue can be used regardless of the season. Thinking of your leading ladies, it is also a colour known well for showing up a gorgeous Sunkissed glow to the skin when worn so could be a popular choice for bridesmaids and mothers. Not forgetting how blue has become the most popular suit colour seen on a wedding party.

As your wedding is a day to celebrate the joining of two people, this is your chance to pair this striking shade of blue with a complimenting colour to set a theme for the day when you and your other half become one. There are many colours that can be combined well with classic blue but one colour that blends beautifully for winter is anything that sparkles, because the classic blue is so bold it sets a foundation to let all that sparkles come out and for spring/summer weddings we recommend a nice blush to accompany as there are plenty of blooms that can be experimented with! Classic blue will add sophistication and simplicity to a bright airy blush and make it an example of a perfectly mixed colour palette. This combination could be seen in bridesmaids and groomsmen, wedding stationery and even wedding cakes!

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