The temperature has dropped, the central heating is cranked high, and we’re all running on empty after a busy festive season. Does anybody else find their skin just seems to give up a little at this time of year?

It takes such a battering in Winter with the extremes of bitterly cold winds, then we head indoors and swelter in the hot, dry central heating.  We’ve also indulged in a few too many mulled wines and Quality Street, which also has a huge effect on our complexion.

However, with a little TLC, your skin can easily regain its gorgeous healthy glow.  Firstly, swap the chocolates and fizz for a more balanced diet and plenty of water.  A bit of detoxing helps flush out impurities and hydrate our tired cells.  Don’t be alarmed if you get a little breakout, this is just all the gunk making its way out!

To further draw out impurities, a clay mask is great.  My all-time favourite is Eve Lom Rescue Mask.  Not only does it deeply cleanse and decongest without drying the skin, it also hydrates, calms irritation and soothes puffy eyes.  Alternatively, if you don’t have time to do a mask, an overnight oil like VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil is great.

Once you’ve treated the skin, you need to nourish it.  Omega oils are like food for the skin, so I always like to follow a detox mask with Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil overnight.  Suitable for all skin types, it’s a good all rounder for calming, brightening, clarify, protecting and smoothing.

My hands always suffer from the cold weather too, this year being particularly bad now that I have a wee one to constantly clean up after (forever washing and drying my hands!).  Getting into the habit of wearing gloves when doing dishes, and having hand cream in every room of my house has made a huge difference.  Good old Aveeno Hand Cream has been great (it was the only one that didn’t sting when my hands were particularly bad), but I also like to apply something a little richer overnight, like Weleda Skin Food.  In addition to regular moisturising, every few weeks I use a peeling hand mask from L’biotica, then straight away follow up with a collagen-infused hand mask from Al’iver.  These work wonders!

If you’re getting married in the Winter months, putting a little time into looking after your skin will result in restoring a glowing complexion, and beautiful hands to show off your new wedding ring!