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Pro Wedding Skincare Tips by our Skin Expert

The time to think about your skincare routine is not for the week before your wedding, in fact it is ideal to prep a few months out. Ideally 3-4 months prior to the wedding, you want to prioritise your routine. This is how you are going to achieve that bridal glow!

From deep hydration, thorough cleansing, and exfoliation, these all play a crucial role in the optimum health of your skin.

Regular facials can help to combat specific concerns like acne, pigmentation, or dullness, or you can opt for our noninvasive skin treatments that will not only treat skin concerns, but help to brighten, tighten, and lift the facial contours, with the help of our Elemis Biotec 2.0 machine.

Alongside professionally driven facials, it is important that you maintain of your skin with a strict routine at home, on the lead up to the big day. This will not only benefit the professional strength treatments you will have done but will preserve your skin’s radiance and health in between each session. Think of it like going to the gym for your regular fitness sessions. They will have no great effect if you do not continue your healthy approach at home with your nutrition and wellness.




Vitamin C | Your Questions Answered

Vitamin C – the hero product has become a much talked about ingredient for skin health over the last year and I certainly am on board with using it, the use of this will help transform your skin as it fights off free radicals formed by UV radiation.  




SPF | Your Questions Answered

As Summer approaches and we begin to tentatively take the first steps from our Winter hibernation, it’s time to shake up our skincare regimes and to make sure the products we’re using will protect our skin from the sun and its harmful rays. To demystify and debunk the jargon around SPF, we have enlisted the help of our Skin Expert, Zoe to answer your most commonly asked questions.




The Power of Sleep for our Immune System

Aromatherapy Associates understand the importance of a restorative night's sleep for our wellbeing. During these challenging times, it is more important than ever we do everything we can to keep our bodies as healthy as possible - and the best place to start is our sleep. 




Winter-Weary Skin Saviours

Hello, 2021! We’ve been waiting for you…


As we wave a not-so-fond farewell to the year that was 2020, the forecast of brighter days and even brighter skin is very much on the horizon. 2020 was the year of staying indoors, wearing masks and more than likely eating and possibly drinking a little more than usual, all of which have had an impact on our skin, leaving our complexion looking and feeling a little lacklustre. Common problem winter skin concerns have been exacerbated to include dehydration, acne, sensitivity and more.




Detox into Spring

With Spring just around the corner, we asked our Head of Spa Operations, Tara Moore, for her top tips for detoxing in time for the new season.




Mindful Meetings

Introducing Mindful Meetings at Galgorm




Winter Skincare Tips

As the days get shorter and the winds get chillier, we asked Tara Moore, Head of Spa Operations at the Resort, to share her three top tips for caring for your skin during the Winter months.

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